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Crystal Antlers outside the studio April 2009
Luxury Wafers has been rocking hard with recent in-studio sessions by Crystal Antlers and Heartless Bastards.

March 2009
Jason Diaz was in for some pre-production on a few new songs.

Ana Egge, Anni Rossi, and Obi Best all graced us with their presence for some lovely Luxury Wafers sessions.

February 2009
The Shivers finished up their new CD, to be released on the Luxury Wafers label. Steve Hodges (ex-drummer for Tom Waits) contributed his talents.

Luxury Wafers was busy as usual this month, with sessions featuring Jim Bianco, Kris Gruen, The May Fire, Vinx, and others.

Luxury Wafers Exclusive Live Sessions in Los Angeles January 2009
Since 2008, over 60 Luxury Wafers live sessions have been recorded at Chessvolt Studios. For news, videos, downloads, and a full list of Luxury Wafers sessions, check out the site here.

One Trick Pony has decided to release their Luxury Wafers session (recorded live here at Chessvolt) as a 5 song EP.

In January, hit songwriter/producer Holly Knight brought Antonia Bennett into Chessvolt to record some new songs.

Singer/songwriter Jim Hanft will be in the studio in February working on a 3 song demo with Peter Malick producing.

Also in February: The Shivers will be coming out from NYC to record a new project with Peter Malick producing.

Mandy Moore at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles Summer 2008
Luxury Wafers hosts Live@Chessvolt Studios, live indy sessions recorded and filmed at our hub. Recent bands include James Jackson Toth, The Bowmans, Olin & The Moon, and more. Check out to see pics, video, words, and listen to/download (free) mp3s of the best current live recordings around.

T-rex effects pedals available directly from Chessvolt. We love these pedals. Come in and try them if you like. We can give you a sweet deal.

Director Eric Pham brings in the hilariously sophomoric movie Action News 5 for ADR.

Mandy Moore and Rachel Yamagata brought Christmas to July at the studio, recording original Xmas songs with producer Mike Viola and engineer/mix engineer Ducky Carlisle.

Mariachi Mujeres recorded traditional mariachi music for the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics where they also performed.

Courtney Jones at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles May/June 2008
Courtney Jones is back in the studio to record 2 new songs. Singer/Songwriter Ben Harvick follows with the beginning of his new album. Both prolific songwriters are produced by Peter Malick.

Chessvolt is honored to have brilliant creative force Harry Shearer (Spinal Tap, The Simpsons) and crew in working on his latest project.

Coby Grant at Chessvolt Recording Studio in Los Angeles April 2008
Lucinda Williams' band, Buick 6, is finishing their debut album at Chessvolt with Eric Lillestrand engineering.

Fast Heart Mart returns with Peter Malick producing a new EP

Jyothi Chalam, Butch, Jon Ossman, and Peter Malick will record 'East Meets the Blues'. A project bridging South Indian music with Americana.

Alex and Sam are in to record new sonds after their two month residency at Tangiers. Alex and Peter co-producing.

Chessvolt welcomes Coby Grant from Melbourne, Australia. Coby is writing with Peter and will be recording tracks for her upcoming release with Peter producing.

Chessvolt at SXSW Music March 2008
We're headed to Austin for SXSW. Let us know where you'll be. We'd love to see you! To get a sampler of some of our music, email info(at) and we'll write you back with a free download code.

Chelsea Williams at Chessvolt February 2008
Peter's in Pre-production and Co-writing with Chelsea Williams. Demo recording of her Outside Looking In with Butch Norton on drums and Jon Ossman on bass.

Chessvolt Hearback System January 27, 2008
DYOM: By popular request, we've upgraded our headphone monitoring system. Chessvolt has successfully installed the Hearback System, an 8 channel headphone mix. Now you can Dial in Your Own Mix.

Chessvolt Open House Party January 15, 2008
Open House at Chessvolt. We gathered to party mellow, mingle, show off the studio and enjoy the company of audiophiles in the Chessvolt music family.

Henry Clay People January 12-13, 2008
Henry Clay People thrashes out 3 new songs in the studio.

"If brains were noise, they'd be the Henry Clay People." - LA Times

Check them out every Monday night in February at The Echo. ps- it's free!.

Henry Gummer December 15-16, 2007
Henry Gummer and Special Guest record Stop the Train and The Other Man. Special Guest is Tay Strathairn (keys), Mark Noseworthy (guitars), John Wicks (drums), and Dylan Cooper (bass).

Happy Holidays/ Happy New Year - Santa brought a new iPod, Accordian, and Xylophone to the Chessvolt family.

The dynamic Malick duo rings in the new year on an eventful musical writing retreat from Mexico to Borrego Springs.

We look forward to seeing you in 2008!

Courtney Jones December 12, 2007
PETER's back from Portland, where the Courtney Jones CD was mastered. Look for a February release of AWAKE and DREAMING.

Jordan Reimer December 10, 2007
And the winner is..........
Congratulations! to Jordan Reimer, winner of the Chessvolt Studios Recording Contest. Jordan, the tremendously talented 15-year-old Guitar Slinger / Singer / Songwriter, hails from the San Diego area. She will be in the studio recording her original songs in late December.

Ben Harvick December 9, 2007
Ben Harvick - Singer Songwriter along the lines of Jack Johnson with a punky edge. Back at Chessvolt to record 4 more songs.

BUTCH December 5, 2007
BUTCH and PETER rock it freeform studio style. HOPE WAITS returns to the studio to lay down a new Nashville-flavored track. Paul Bessone brings FAST HEART MART with their funky snare, harp, double-necked git and lyrically clever vocals. Lots of video footage 'Comin' Atcha', as Chicago Bob would say......

Sonicbids November 26, 2007
Chessvolt Studios Instant Recording Contest *Submissions Closed*

hosted at:

Check it Out!!!

Chessvolt Lounge Fall 2007
The Chessvolt garage gets a MAKEOVER!! Come by and see the midnight blue floor in our spacious new lounge. Less clutter, more room to kick it your way!

Courtney Jones' record, Peter Malick producer, reaches completion. Off to mix with Marc Needham.

Within The Eddy finishes up mixing their record. See their website for more details.

Mescal Sheiks can't get enough of Chessvolt, project continues...

JACK MACK lays down a new track for the Love Ride CD

Marco Godoy is in for all of November producing/recording Argentine singer.

Classic Gibson Amp Summer 2007
Patrick Burkholder mixed Diamonds Under Fire

Within The Eddy, Paul Bessone engineer

Marco Godoy produced and engineered another Latin American sensation

COLLINZ ROOM tracked and mixed their newest release, produced by RU Samath


Wayne Kramer of MC5 mixes with Eric Lilliestrand, engineer

Marc Doton

More Mescal Sheiks

Revelation Theory Springtime 2007
Paul Ebersold (3 Doors Down) was in producing Revelation Theory. Mike Jackson assisted.

REV THEORY came in last month and demo'd 12 songs. They're back with Paul... more as it unfolds.

Producer Charles Newman (Magnetic Fields) came in with EARLYMAY, tracking their new CD

Producer/Multi Instrumentalist Danny McGough (Tom Waits) tracked 5 songs for Italian singer/songwriter NADIA. Paul Bessone was the engineer.

Producer Rae Dileo tracked drums.

Peter Malick and Paul Bessone engineered new songs for The Mescal Sheiks.

Engineer/Producer Ken Sluiter (OK Go) mixed TONY KHALIFE's awesome project.

Engineer Pete Magdaleno tracked The JIGSAW SCENE.Pete Magdaleno is back, this time with The WEDDING PRESENT.

Producer Peter Malick continued work on COURTNEY JONES' new CD.

Stevie Black April 2007
Courtney Jones project continues:
Peter is continuing work on Courtney Jones' amazing project. Super String-Man Stevie Black is completing a string quartet for 'Relief'. Courtney is back at the end of the month to finish Vocals and Piano.

Ru starts work on Collinz Room:
Ruwanga and Bird Call Productions will be in to begin pre-production for Collinz Room's new release to be recorded at ChessVolt.

Ducky Returns:
Ducky Carlisle returns to the left coast to MIX Tony Khalife's project on April 30.

Hope Waits:
Hope's album produced by Peter is done and she has just finished her move here to L.A. Catch her first show April 18th at Genghis Cohen 10:00pm

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