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Chessvolt Recording Studio Equipment The very roots of Rock n Roll were recorded in Chicago and released on the legendary Chess Records label. In Memphis, Stax Volt created its signature Rhythm and Blues empire. Chessvolt Studios honors this awesome tradition, while embracing cutting edge technology and recording techniques that moves your music boldly into the future.

We choose to call it Hi-Tech meets Lo-Tech. If it sounds good, and it feels good, then it is good.

Our goal is to take your project to a whole new level. We offer full service recording and production. Every link in the chain is dedicated to making your recording sound the best it can possibly be. Beginning with our vintage Mic collection, sound travels to our classic outboard gear and 48 channel Neve Console. From there, it flows through state-of-the-art conversion from analog to digital (apogee ad-16x/da-16x), and is input into Pro Tools 7.7 HD with a Pro Tools accel HD3 system. Tracking to 2" tape on our Sony/MCI JH-24 is also an option.

Hi-Tech: Stunning selection of HD plug-ins, Ableton Live 6 with tons of content, Reason 4.0 with well over 10 gigs of Refills, Melodyne Studio 3.0, Recycle, Guitar Rig 2.1, and more

Lo-Tech: Vintage Guitar and Amp collection, Keyboards including Yamaha C5 grand piano, Hammond B3 with Leslie. Vintage drums available.

The studio was built in 1997. From 2000-2005, as Autobahn Recorders, we hosted Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, Elliot Smith, and others. Producer, Guitarist, Songwriter Peter Malick purchased the studio in January of 2006.
Chessvolt Recording Studio Equipment
Peter Malick Peter Malick
Owner - Chessvolt Studios

Peter Malick has enjoyed a lifetime of involvement in all facets of the music business. A skilled blues guitarist, Peter played with countless greats from John Lee Hooker to Big Mama Thornton. He had the pleasure of working with Norah Jones early in her career, writing, producing and playing on her pre-Blue Note tracks. Lately, Peter has been working with a variety of up-and-coming artists from diverse genres. Whether it's indie band, singer-songwriter, or even mid-east rock'n'roll, Peter brings a world of experience and fresh enthusiasm to all of his musical projects.

He credits legendary producer Tom Dowd with his style of production. "Tom produced my band at Atlantic Studios. I got to spend time alone with him during the mix and sat in amazement as he shaped the mix and found seemingly impossible edits. His philosophy was to never change an artist. He felt that his job was to help the artist be even more of just who they were. He came from the place of 'you are perfect'... the job is simply 'how do we bring that out?'. That philosophy works for me. It empowers the artist. I'm just a guide to get you from here to way over there..."

Peter writes, plays guitar, produces, and mixes at Chessvolt. He is actively developing new artists and is available subject to scheduling for new projects.

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Marco Godoy Marco Godoy
Producer / Engineer

An established Producer, songwriter, and engineer, Marco received his training at Berklee College of Music, where he graduated with highest recognition.

Honored by legendary Cuban Pianist Chucho Valdez as the "Sage premio de Jazz Latino", Marco has won two BMI Latin Music Awards. His talent spans the globe from production in Scotland and the US to the far reaches of Latin America.

He has shared stage with Ruben Blades, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and a whole list of notable Latin musicians.

Marco plays piano and works magic with any kind of keys. He also sings, plays guitar, bass, and percussion.
Mike Jackson Mike Jackson

For more than a decade as Mike Jackson has been developing his personal successes. He has been hand selected to work with some of today's finest professional talents. Maintaining sessions for Jewel, Anders Bagge, Everlast, Pat Monahan, Ryan Cabrera, Bubba Sparks and recently engineering 10 tracks for Interscope Recording Artists Rev Theory; Mike has proven his education and experience with proven top quality sound recordings.

Graduating in 1993 from the legendary Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts, Mike had already experienced working with the up and coming talents of Christina Aguilera. Founding his own company Digital Mobile Recording, Mike worked for major labels with his Pro Tools driven services being awarded a platinum album for his work on Christina Aguilera's Genie In A Bottle.

Available for new projects at Chessvolt, Mike is looking to take bands to the next level.
Tim Shrout Tim Shrout
Assistant Engineer/Mixer

Hailing originally from New Jersey, Tim Shrout has been enjoying life on the west coast as a budding engineer and mixer. While studying at the University of Southern California's Thornton School of Music, he was able to spend time learning from industry veterans such as KamranV of Spaceland Recordings, Joe Barresi, and Beno May and Scott Sedillo of Bernie Grundman Mastering.

Now at Chessvolt as an assistant engineer and mixer, Tim has worked on numerous projects including Anni Rossi, Links, Foundry Field, Le Switch, and Chris Gruen. He loves more than anything the sound of great musicians playing together in a great room, and believes that the best recordings are made this way. He looks forward to the many years of music-making ahead of him.

Landry Malick Landry Malick
Studio Manager

Landry manages business, booking and inquiries.

Her job is to ensure your best possible experience at the studio.

Please let her know how we can work with you to meet your recording needs.
Q. Why choose Chessvolt?
We sincerely believe you can't make a better sounding recording anywhere else.

Q. May I use the studio's instruments?
Chessvolt's entire vintage insrument collection is available to use at no extra charge. This includes Electric, Acoustic, and Bass guitars. Baritone Guitar, Electric Sitar, all amps, and Keyboards.

Our vintage drum kit can be mic'd ahead and ready to go for an additional 1 hour charge. Check out the list and inquire as to availability. Charges are far less than typical rental companies.

Q. What isolation is available for tracking?
We have a main tracking room and vocal booth with 6" double doors and double paned glass into the tracking room. There is a hallway that is wired and offers excellent isolation. We can also isolate 2-3 more sound sources... call for details.

Q. Can you provide help getting my music ready to record?
Chessvolt offers help in all areas of Production and Pre-Production. We can provide top studio musicians in all genres as well as production assistance in arranging, writing and recording. We will be happy to assist you in connecting with our network for mastering, pressing, webdesign, etc.

Q. What if I've already started recording my project elsewhere?
Bring it in. We'll be happy to give you an evaluation and see if we can help you finish on budget.
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Los Angeles Recording Studio
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